August 20 - September 19, 2021



Young Space is pleased to present material remains, an online exhibition featuring the work of sixteen artists from around the world whose works investigate ideas around the mind and body’s relationship to the external environment, the intricacies of human behavior, and how memory and heritage construct realities and perceptions specific to individual experience.

Our minds are usually engaged in the here and now: family, work, and daily responsibilities. Amidst the activities of our daily routines, pausing to reflect on the details of the quotidian, such as domestic tasks or passing interactions with others, has a tendency to magnify the significance of otherwise small exchanges or occurrences. The work in this exhibition investigates the myriad layers of our personal histories through material explorations resulting from daily observations, the connection between body and mind, the landscape, and what exists beneath the surface.

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Clay, even though it is a soft material, easy to form and seemingly easy to understand, does not care about our expectations, but rather it finds power in its capability for unlimited and unpredictable transformation. Clay is an old material and it represents a connexion to our most distant pasts but also holds the potential for anything the future might bring.

Renata Cassiano Alvarez

I want those different representational and abstract languages to be in communication within the space of the painting, and I want to feel the influences one has over the other. Those coincidental and unexpected connections really help make the painting grow. 

Madeline Peckenpaugh

Especially, after becoming a mother, the idea of being able to function as a vessel that holds life inside and outside, that bends to carry the life of another person, it's fascinating to me. I often think of my body as a room that encloses someone else’s breath, and tears, hopes and fears, an inhabitable closed space that protects and soothes.

Tahanny Lee

I start every project by collecting text fragments and making collage poems based on the research of the subject until I conclude with a drafted script. ... From it, a selected sentence or even a word can grow into an individual painting, a series of mixed-media works, or perhaps an installation.

Na Liu

I fell in love with the fabric, this versatility of the material, sometimes I use it as a support for the stamp, sometimes I stick the crumbs of stone floors that turn into stars, sometimes I use the raw fabric, sometimes I dye it with vegetables and plants around me.

Leka Mendes

I relate paint’s malleability to the mystery of human existence. We are constantly learning about the body and the mind. But I’m constantly wondering, “What is spirit?” or, “How do mind, body, and spirit interface?”

Hasani Sahlehe

Because each painting is dedicated to someone, place, or thing, I seldom sketch anything at all but rather start by writing a letter. The pixellated effects are simply an evolution of my revisions.

Ryosuke Ishii

About the curator

Kate Mothes works as a roving independent curator, and Founder of Young Space. Selected recent exhibitions include MIRROR EYE in collaboration with Far x Wide at Ortega y Gassett Projects, Brooklyn, NY; and Run Straight Through at Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA, as well as recent virtual exhibitions via Young Space Views. Upcoming projects include collaborations with David B. Smith Gallery (Denver, CO), and Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Brooklyn, NY), and more. She holds a Masters in the History of Art, Theory and Display from the University of Edinburgh, and a Bechalors in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is currently based between Edinburgh, Scotland, and Northeast Wisconsin, USA.

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