Material Remains


Adam Boyd                    Madeline Peckenpaugh

Cab Kenningale               Na Liu

Erika Krause                 Renata Cassiano Alvarez

Gillian Haigh                Ryosuke Ishii

Hasani Sahlehe               Sam Mack

Irina Patrusheva             Tahanny Lee

Leka Mendes                  Travis LeRoy Southworth

Loren Erdrich                Véronique Chagnon Côté

Opening August 20, 2021 at 12pm EST,
On view through September 19, 2021

Young Space is pleased to present material remains, an online exhibition featuring the work of sixteen artists from around the world whose works investigate ideas around the mind and body’s relationship to the external environment, the intricacies of human behavior, and how memory and heritage construct realities and perceptions specific to individual experience.

On a daily basis, our minds are usually engaged in the here and now: family, work, and regular responsibilities. Amidst the activities of our daily routines, pausing to reflect more carefully on the details of the quotidian, such as domestic tasks or passing interactions with others, has a tendency to magnify the significance of otherwise small exchanges or occurrences. They take on deeper meaning when considered within the context of time and space. Societal shifts and technological advances don’t negate the simple acts of making food, running errands, gathering with loved ones, as generations have done before. How does one truly comprehend or internalize the knowledge of looking out the same window, or treading the same paths, as generations have done before, one in a continuous line of witnesses to the ever-changing landscape?

The work in this exhibition investigates the myriad layers of our personal histories through material explorations resulting from daily observations, the connection between body and mind, the landscape, and what exists beneath the surface. We are shaped by everyday moments and seismic shifts in our lives, and over time, these experiences and stories become layered within us like geological layers of earth and sediment. The past provides the ground on which to stand in this moment, as it will continue to do over time. The most delicate layers sit on top, like a fine dust, easily scattered, while the layers beneath further compress and harden into permanence. Within each of these layers are the fragments of our lives: our experiences, our memories, our values, our ancestry. Every once in a while, the aggregate is exposed, examined, catalogued; an excavation takes place.

About Young Space

Young Space (est. 2014) is an independent, itinerant curatorial project and online platform organized by Kate Mothes,  emphasizing new and exciting work by early-career and emerging artists.

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