As inside, So outside


February 3-23, 2020
Guest co-curator David B. Smith, Founder/Director of David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, CO

Participating artists:
Amy Winstanley
Anatole De Benedictis
Anders Lindseth
Bram Keast
Brian Rattiner
Eryn Lougheed
Igor Omulecki
Ingrid Toogood
Karen Osp Palsdottir
Linnea Jensen
Marina Kassianidou
Michael Kondel

Mikey Yates
Nick Fagan
Oriele Steiner
Patti Oleon
Peter Fagundo
Pol Morton
Rithika Pandey
Rushern Baker IV
Sam Dienst
Sooim Jeong
Tessa Greene O’Brien
Will Sears

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

― Hermes Trismegistus

curator’s statement:
I keep thinking about how the very nature of climate change, and its political and economic consequences, force us to reflect on our actions, values, and history in a way that literally challenge the way we live. We are obliged to consider the global impact of our deepest inner desires–wealth, comfort, speed, and convenience among them–and not only think about what is really important to us, or in life, but if anything in this moment is more important than preventing the future destruction of our own planet, our global home, and its delicate balance of life–including us. This isn’t a show about climate change, but the works you find here do speak of environments. And our global environment is one place to start.

Landscapes, from micro to macro, and interior to exterior, emerge in these artists’ works. Some, such as Linnea Jensen or Brian Rattiner consider nature and landscape as an outside environment to be adventured into and relished. Others, such as Mikey Yates, Tessa Greene O’Brien or Ingrid Toogood, explore the relationship between interior and exterior. Patti Oleon’s geometric, photographic oil paintings meet Anatole De Benedictis’ conceptual sculptures built from detritus found around his city. Space and its parts are prevelent in the works of Michael Kondel and Will Sears, and the landscape of memory and perception works its way into the practices of Rithika Pandey or Pol Morton. All of the artists in this exhibition approach the boundaries of inside and outside in some way: comfort vs. discomfort, order vs. chaos, or built interior vs. nature.

It was a pleasure to work with David Smith in co-curating this exhibition, presenting work by artists from 9 different countries. It is such a privilege to be able to review and discuss the work, and themes that emerge from it, and we are thrilled to present As Inside, So Outside this winter.

The more online exhibitions I help to organize, the more value I find in the ability to accessibly show great artwork being made around the world–and to be able to show a lot of it!–without the burden of massive shipping costs. yngspc continuously aims to be a platform for visibility, especially for emerging, early-career and student artists of all backgrounds and geographies. This is the true power of our digital connectivity, and I’m honored to be able to present this group of artists in the winter 2020 yngspc online exhibition.

kate mothes founder, yngspc